Made of high quality wood. Perfect stability Special padded system for foot bars. With innovative lower spring system for reverse resistance.

  • Spring anchoring system on the rear bar in different positions.
  • Springs: 2 medium resistance – Green, 2 high resistance – Red.
  • Foot with padded, they can work separately or together.
  • Wheels for easy movement.
  • All models include elastic straps with handles for resistance exercises.
  • Seat size: 61 cm. X 35 cm.
  • Base size: 76 cm. x 60 cm.
  • Base size with extension: 84 cm. x 80 cm.
  • Total height: 127 cm.
  • Different colors of upholstery.

Special padded with innovative lower spring system for reverse resistance. Includes mini spring system, 2 medium and 2 strong, for resistance exercises. Weight 39 kg.

Includes additional springs for more exercises.

Our machines are available in a fixed way in black and grey. To purchase them in other colors: ivory, blue, green or red, it is necessary to contact us as they are made on request.